Month: July 2017

Stuff I Wrote: July 16 – July 22

Believe it or not, reporting matters” – The Addison Independent

An op-ed I wrote on the current media climate. S/o David Carr.

Local animated film earns international acclaim” – The Addison Independent

A story about “The Collinwood Fire,” a wonderful animated film that was selected for the PBS Online Film Festival. For the article, I spoke with the filmmaker and folks from Vermont PBS.

Whiting residents up in arms after neighbors open gun range” – The Addison Independent  

A long story about a Whiting resident who opened up a commercial gun range on his property. His neighbors are not happy. The town’s zoning administrator says that the range is a business and is a hazard to community. The owner disagrees.

County natives deepen their love of art with their own gallery” – The Addison Independent 

Profile: Local selectboard member embodies town’s commitment to education” – The Addison Independent

Middlebury short of owner approvals for tax district” – The Addison Independent

Stuff I Wrote: June 11 – 17

Meals on Wheels reduces staff; volunteers are angry – The Addison IndependentAge Well, a non-profit based in Burlington that oversees a number of programs in Vermont, including Meals on Wheels in four counties, fired their volunteer coordinators in each county due to federal funding concerns. Volunteers are not happy and say that doing so will cripple the program.

Downtown Middlebury tax district seeks extension to continue work on economic development – The Addison Independent

The town of Middlebury is looking to renew a seven-year ordinance that places a special tax on non-residential properties in downtown Middlebury. This money is used to fund improvement projects in the area, but some property owners are wary of paying even more in property tax.

Middlebury Union High School graduates; Work hard, speak up, and take action – The Addison Independent

A fun feature on the MUHS class of 2017 graduation.

Community rallies as farmer fights deportation – The Addison Independent

A GoFundMe campaign has raised thousands of dollars for a local farmer who was told he will be deported in a few weeks. The family declined to speak on the record at this time about their situation.

If articles are unable to be accessed due to a paywall, please see the publication’s tab above for a link to a Google Doc version.

Stuff I Wrote: July 9 – July 15, 2017

High-tech glasses help blind woman ‘see’ – The Addison Independent

A local Lions Club purchased innovative new glasses that are helping a blind woman regain some level of independence.

Meet the Chef: Tac-o’ de Town – The Addison Independent

A fun profile of a local chef.

$20K raised to help farmer fight deportation – The Addison Independent

Road projects abound in Addison County – The Addison Independent

Whiting zoning board to hear gun range appeal case – The Addison Independent

Stuff I Watched: July 2 – July 8

I was home for a week on vacation so, nothing! Well, kinda. I had three profiles published in last Thursday’s issue of the Addison Independent, however, they’re not online yet so I can’t post them. So, instead of listing what I wrote, here’s some stuff I watched while home.“Better Call Saul” Season 2 (very very very good)

“House of Cards” Season 5 (bad)

“Orange is the New Black” Season 5 (good)

“Full Metal Jacket” (I see what he’s getting at but I mostly agree with Mr. Ebert)

“Get Me Roger Stone” (good and the most “enlightening” thing I’ve watched/read on Team Trump”)

“Nobody Speak” (some good, scary shit)

“Yankee Doodle Dandy” (very good and a fun time, though FDR’s voice kinda creeped me out) 

Stuff I Wrote: June 25- July 1

NEH grant funds new form of film criticism – The Addison Independent

The National Endowment for the Humanities funded at workshop at Middlebury College this month where scholars are learning how to create videographic criticism. The goal of the workshop is to teach scholars the art of the video essay, a new and innovative form of scholarship.

Everything is Copy until it isn’t – The Huffington Post

A review of the 2015 documentary Everything is Copy five years after Nora Ephron’s death.

Lincoln general store owner knows her customers – The Addison Independent

A profile of the owner of the only storefront in Lincoln, Vermont.

Middlebury summer movies and music returns – The Addison Independent

Movie screenings and concert series are returning for a second year.

Student receives State Department scholarship to study in China – The Addison Independent

Short article on a local high school student who will spend the year learning Chinese abroad on a DOS scholarship.