Month: February 2018

Stuff I Wrote: Jan. 2018

We are currently on break here in Middlebury. The week we take off in February is probably my favorite of the year. It affords us time to get well-rested before the start of the spring semester, and also reflect on the work done during Winter Term, our one-month long term in January in which we take a single class. It’s a chill, yet always rewarding time of year.

It is also a chill time for us at The Middlebury Campus, the college’s student newspaper. It is a time of transition for the paper, where we say goodbye to old editors who are heading abroad/graduating, welcome back editors from abroad, and invite new editors to join our board. This month we added seven new editors across four sections, and had other editors transfer over to different sections.

Here’s is the “Best of” list I put together each month highlighting the paper’s best work.

Film School Rejects

I’m also very pleased to share that, as of last month, I am one of the new group of interns at Film School Rejects, the popular film blog that also runs One Perfect Shot.

Interns go through four different six-week rotations: writing, editing, social media, and video. I’m starting off as part of the video team, where I am responsible for writing two video essay-related blogs per week and/or working on longer video essay projects.

Thus far, I’ve written two blogs:

Enjoy! And if you know of any great video essays, please let me know!