Stuff I Wrote

Stuff I Wrote: Jan. 2018

We are currently on break here in Middlebury. The week we take off in February is probably my favorite of the year. It affords us time to get well-rested before the start of the spring semester, and also reflect on the work done during Winter Term, our one-month long term in January in which we take a single class. It’s a chill, yet always rewarding time of year.

It is also a chill time for us at The Middlebury Campus, the college’s student newspaper. It is a time of transition for the paper, where we say goodbye to old editors who are heading abroad/graduating, welcome back editors from abroad, and invite new editors to join our board. This month we added seven new editors across four sections, and had other editors transfer over to different sections.

Here’s is the “Best of” list I put together each month highlighting the paper’s best work.

Film School Rejects

I’m also very pleased to share that, as of last month, I am one of the new group of interns at Film School Rejects, the popular film blog that also runs One Perfect Shot.

Interns go through four different six-week rotations: writing, editing, social media, and video. I’m starting off as part of the video team, where I am responsible for writing two video essay-related blogs per week and/or working on longer video essay projects.

Thus far, I’ve written two blogs:

Enjoy! And if you know of any great video essays, please let me know!

Stuff I Wrote: November & December

How is it already December? And how is the semester almost over? This week we published our final issue of The Campus – Middlebury’s one and only weekly, student-newspaper. It’s been an incredible semester and I’m very proud to be able to work alongside a phenomenal group of editors and reporters. In addition to writing a few things, I was lucky enough to edit some great stories. Be sure to read the “Best of” list!

Here’s the stuff I wrote in November:

  • The controversial conservative activist James O’Keefe came to town this week, just days after the Washington Post exposed a failed operation by a member of his organization, Project Veritas, to plant a false story with the paper about Roy Moore. Though O’Keefe did not speak on campus, the school received spam emails from an unknown organization alleging to be comprised of anonymous Middlebury students. Here’s my story on what happened.
    • Also, my story was featured in Politico’s morning email blast featuring news about higher education.
    • And check out this great interview two of our news editors (Nick Garber and Elaine Velie) did with VT Digger about the O’Keefe event and general tensions on the Middlebury campus.
  • For my weekly column, I wrote about “finding Bibles,” and what different books I have read throughout my life mean to me.

And December:

  • Two members of the Middlebury football team decided to kneel during the national anthem this season. Here’s their story.


And the Best Of List! Here’s 44 of our best stories from November and our one December issue.

Stuff I Wrote: October

It’s hard to believe that I am now entering my third November at Middlebury. Yikes. It’s also hard to believe that I am also entering my third month as the managing editor of The Middlebury Campus.  Some days I wake up and still think I’m the first year who was begging the news editor for an assignment, even though I had no idea how to write a news article. Times flies when you’re having fun and churning out copy.

Today, because I’m so proud of all the work our team at The Middlebury Campus has been doing lately, I decided at the end of each month to compile a “Best of” list that includes, as the name suggests, our best work. I’m thrilled to be a part of this team and I hope you’ll check out our work.

Now, here’s the stuff I wrote:

  • I was asked to write a short essay on Middlebury and the benefits of a liberal arts education for Times Higher Education, you can read it here.
  • It should come as a surprise to no one who follows Middlebury/higher education that our campus is tense at the moment. A couple weeks ago, vandals defaced several building on campus, here’s my story. It also ran in The Addison Independent.
  • For my media column “I Cover The Waterfront,” I interview Middlebury alum Joseph Flaherty ’15, who received national attention after he broke and his colleague at the Phoenix New Times broke a story about Motel 6 chains in Phoenix turning guests over to ICE. I talked with him about his story, and the role and future of alt-weeklies in the United States. Read it here.
  • Barney Frank and John Sununu came to Middlebury for an event last month. Afterwards, a news editor and I got a chance to sit-down with them and talk about the state of college campuses and the current political climate. Read our interview here.
  • And more:


November Sneak Peek: 

I wrote about the new documentary “Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold.” I loved it! Read my thoughts here.

Stuff I Wrote: September

It’s been three weeks since I arrived back at Middlebury, and in that time we’ve published three issues of The Middlebury Campus, our student newspaper.

It’s my first year as managing editor, and though I’ve enjoyed working with our staff to develop story ideas, change our design, and just improve the quality of our product, I miss writing and reporting. 

Because I’m not writing as much, I’ll probably only post these updates once a month. However, you should definitely check out for some high-quality student journalism. We have a great team this year and I’m super excited to read all the great work they’ll do.

I Cover the Waterfront: On This Column – The Middlebury Campus

I started a column where I where I will write about media and journalism as often as I can. In this first column, I explain the name and what I hope to accomplish. 

I Cover the Waterfront: On Original Reporting – The Middlebury Campus

Largest Class In Year Convenes In Mead Chapel – The Middlebury Campus

An article on the Class of 2012 being welcomed to the college by the administration at convocation. 


Stuff I Wrote: Aug. 14 – Aug. 17

Well, my internship at the Addison Independent has come to end. Where did the time go? It’s hard to believe that I started working at the paper more than ten weeks ago. I am so thankful to have worked at the Addy Indy alongside some fantastic co-works who taught me so much. Getting to cover and meet folks in the 23 towns of Addison County was an unforgettable experience. Here are my final articles!

International Filmmakers Give Their Unique Take on Cinema” – The Addison Independent

This may have been my favorite article from my time at the paper. I got to speak with several international filmmakers who will have their work screened at the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival! I spoke with them about their films, their inspirations, and their creative processes. This was the cover story for the paper’s Arts & Leisure supplement. I hope you’ll check it out!

Makeshift Gun Ranges Draw Fire; Call For Safe Shooting Spaces Grows” – The Addison Independent

Over the summer I covered several gun-related stories throughout Addison County. It’s weird, it wasn’t an issue I planned to cover but it just sort of became my beat. This article details the unsafe shooting spaces and informal gun ranges throughout many towns in Addison County. I found it to be a fascinating subject, since Vermont is such a pro-gun state. I wish I could have stayed at the paper longer and explored the issue more.

Demo derby brings flips, fire, and fun” – The Addison Independent

Covering an Addison County tradition: demo derby! It was as super fun event where people fix-up old cars and smash them into one another. Here’s my play-by-play of the event.

Fairgoers Find a World of Fun at Field Days” – The Addison Independent

A few vignettes from the Addison County Fair & Field Days.


Stuff I Wrote: Aug. 6 – Aug. 13

Gun range dispute in Whiting intensifies” – The Addison Independent 

Last month I wrote about a Whiting resident who is accused of operating an illegal, commercial gun range on his property. This week, I follow-up and attended a zoning board hearing and visited the property in question. The hearing was intense and many of the appellant’s neighbors accused him of being a liar.

Mini donkey contest kicks off field days” – The Addison Independent

Many people are saying this is the definitive piece about miniature donkeys.

Bristol leaders say ‘no’ to proposed gun ordinance” – The Addison Independent

Members of the Bristol board of selectman unanimously rejected a proposal to adopt a gun ordinance within village limits.

YouthWorks teaches teens host of skills for workplace success” – The Addison Independent

A few local nonprofits have partnered to offer a cool program teaching local youth skills to make them career-ready. Those who attend the program earn an hourly wage and learn a host of skills. The mantra: more strict than school, less strict than a traditional job.