Film Writing

Here’s some stuff I have written about film.  I am currently pursuing a B.A. in Film & Media Culture at Middlebury College. I am also an intern at Film School Rejects, you can find my archive here.

Film School Rejects

My current assignment at FSR is to write about video essays that I like, find compelling, or are topical. 

When Francois Truffaut’s Life Imitated His Art
How Walter White Became a Weapon
Paul Thomas Anderson Really Loves Frames
A Connection Between Characters in the Saoirse Ronan Universe

Film Reviews

The Center Will Not Hold (2017)
La La Land (2017)
I Am Not Your Negro (2017)
Hidden Figures (2017)
Best of Enemies (2015)
Everything is Copy (2015)

Film Reporting

A preview of the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival that ran as the cover story of the Addison Independent’s Arts & Leisure supplement. 

An interview with the director of The Collinwood Fire, an award-winning animated-short that was selected to be screened as part of the PBS Online Film Festival. 

A profile of David Miranda Hardy, a Middlebury professor, who worked as the sound designer on Jackie and created the Chilean TV Show Bala Loca.

I spent a couple days covering a workshop funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities that taught the art of the video essay, aka videographic criticism, to film and media scholars.

Film Essays

An essay I wrote on the first episode of Dean Martin Martin Celebrity Roasts, “Man of the Hour: Ronald Reagan.” This essay examines how this episode mark the successful rebranding of Dean Martin and then Governor Ronald Reagan.